“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

— Vincent Van Gogh

love is what shakes us

and I believe wholeheartedly in love– not just picture perfect details or a meticulously scheduled timeline, but in real, raw, heart-yanking love. I believe in marriage– not just wedding days. I believe in giving this all I’ve got.

And you believe in that, too–that’s why you’re here (and oh, am I SO thrilled that you’re here!). It’s my heart’s calling to love others and celebrate who they are and the most beautiful moments of their life. That’s why I pick up a camera– not to glorify myself as an artist, but to glorify God as our Creator and to pour my heart out for the friends I make in this industry as I document their love and life for generations to come.

I want your memories to be heirlooms. I want your granddaughter to clutch your wedding photo in her hand on her own wedding day and whisper how beautiful you were in your dress. I want to see your day through your eyes, care about it just as much as you do, and preserve it for generations to come.

Love, Christina