Q: What inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

A: I actually hated taking pictures and having my photo taken while growing up! But after signing up for some digital photography classes when I was in high school (and doing terribly in those classes, I might add), I realized that I actually loved photographing people and helping preserve their memories. Over the years I’ve been developing and growing in my craft and focus most of my work on couples, their wedding days, and the growth of their family after the wedding. This job is one I take so very seriously; I’m not simply taking pretty pictures, but am documenting one of the most important days in your life– real historical moments, y’all! One of my favorite memories from being in this business was getting an email from a bride not too long after her wedding day; she thanked me for a photo of her brother and grandfather putting on their boutonnieres. Shortly after the wedding day, this bride’s grandfather passed away, and she was so happy to have images documenting him with the people he loved most in the world. That gave me new perspective into what I do and why it’s important. I love being a photographer, but I love people even more, and I want to help each of my clients and their families celebrate and remember the best parts of life.


Q: How would you describe your photography and editing style? 

A: I am a lover of natural light and soft colors. I like for my photos to be very bright, colorful (but soft), and beautifully capturing the special memories you share with those you love. I edit photos to correct color and light and only offer minimal retouching (if you have a noticeable pimple or a spot on your dress in your wedding photos I will fix that, but do not offer retouching services in house beyond that). Throughout the wedding day I will photograph candid moments as well as pose and style set-ups for other images.


Q: Have you photographed anyone cool? Are you published anywhere?

A: Everyone I photograph is cool! But… I did get to photograph Jordan Smith (winner of The Voice) and his beautiful and equally talented wife, Kristen’s wedding day. We were even published in People Magazine, featured on the Harry Connick Jr. show, and on various other news websites and wedding blogs.




Q: We want to book you for our wedding! What should we do?

A: Yay! You like me! You really like me (haha)! Please send me an email on this website or shoot me a message on my Facebook business page. Let me know your wedding date, venue, and any other questions you might have. From there we’ll set up a time to get together and chat. In order to officially book us for your date, we require our clients to sign a contract and pay a non-refundable retainer fee (it’s about 1/3 the total price of your entire collection and is applied to your total balance). After that, we’ll schedule your complementary engagement session and have some real fun!


Q: How much is the retainer fee? What is a retainer fee?

A: In order to book us for your date, we require 1/3 of the total balance to be paid at the contract signing. Retainers are non-refundable if the client cancels the date.


Q: When is the rest of our balance due?

A: The remaining balance is due no later than 3 weeks prior to your wedding day.


Q: What sort of payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept cash, check, Paypal, and most major credit cards.


Q: Do you travel outside of the London, Kentucky area? If so, is there an additional cost?

A: We sure do! If your wedding is happening around London, Corbin, Richmond, Lexington, and even some Versailles locations, you won’t need to worry about a travel fee. However, travel in excess of 60 miles will require a travel fee to cover our additional fuel and lodging costs.


Q: What’s included in our wedding collection?

A: We offer continuous coverage from 2 photographers, professionally edited image files delivered on a USB, as well as printing rights for personal use. In addition, we give each of our clients a complementary engagement session and 6×9 guestbook for your big day!


Q: What if we want to opt out of our engagement session or products? Can we get a discount?

A: Our engagement sessions and products are complementary, so they cannot be redeemed for a discount or cash value. Even if you’ve already had other engagement pictures done, I really encourage you to take advantage of this fun opportunity! It gets all of us used to working with one another so you’re more comfortable and confident on your big day (plus you’ll get to hear a rotation of my 3 cheesy jokes over and over, and that is definitely something you do not want to miss out on!).


Q: How long is the engagement session? How many pictures do we get?

A: Our complementary engagement sessions are about 1-1.5 hours long. We typically deliver 80-100 edited images per session.


Q: How many wedding photos will we get? How long does it take to get them?

A: We typically deliver an average of about 600 images, though this might vary depending on our length of time there, number of people in your wedding party and family, details, etc. Our contract guarantees we will deliver your images within 90 days of your wedding day, but we strive to deliver them within 6 weeks or less of your wedding day!